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Waste Deck Fill Cap

Replacing the Waste Deck Fill Cap

Replacing a waste deck fill cap and bedding it properly to prevent future leaks into the deck core

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Stainless steel throttle handle for edson pedestal

Stainless Shift and Throttle Levers for an Edson Pedestal

My sailboats shift and throttle handles were in pretty bad shape. I decided to order a set of shiny stainless steel shift and throttle levers from Edson.

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Gate valve replaced with a marelon ball valve

Replacing a Through Hull and Seacock

Replacing a seacock and through hull is a daunting project. Done improperly and it could sink your boat. Even worse, neglecting them could spell disaster when your not expecting it.

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What to expect in restoring an old sailboat.

Its been about 3 years since I’ve bought this boat. It has needed constant working on it, and it seems like I’ve replaced almost every single thing in the boat, that I wish I had just got a more expensive boat to start with. On the other hand..

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Building a 45 foot aluminum sailboat in your backyard.

We have all dreamed of building our own sailboat and sailing off to explore the world. Ken and Carol Gillstrom from Midland, Ontario actually carried through and built a beautiful 45 foot aluminum sailboat in their backyard over a period of 14 years. You can read about their build process from their online discussion and browse through the build photos.

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How to shrink wrap your boat for winter

Cover your boat with shrink wrap plastic to keep the winter elements out, whether your living on your boat or storing for winter.

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Building a Propane Locker for your boat

Enlarging an existing propane locker for the regulator and patching a large hole.

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Repairing Wet Deck Core of the Cockpit Floor

Detailed steps for repairing wet deck core and fiberglassing. If you have a soggy, delaminated core on your boats deck or cockpit floor.

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5 Things to Look For When Buying a Used Sailboat

5 key areas you should look for when buying a used sailboat that would save you a lot of money and hassle.

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Refinishing Teak Handrails

I’ve sanded down and re-stained my teak handrails in this project.

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